On this page you will find some more about me as a person, what I do as sports, who I am etc. Read along to find out who I am.


Curriculum vitae


Above you can find my CV, how ever this is in dutch so I’ll explain who I am in “just a few” words.

I attend IT on the Hogeschool Rotterdam in ofcourse Rotterdam. As I’m writing this I’m in my first of four years. In this studie we learn to code in several languages like java, c, c++, c#. We also learn about security, networking and databases. Besides the regular classes we need to do around 6 classes of choice in our first 2 years. My classes of choice for this year were Motion Design, Fablab Making and Fablab Smart Objects. Fablab is a lab in my school where they have machines such as 3D-Printers, Laser Cutters and much more. That’s basically how my studie works.


Talking about work, it’s actually pretty funny and sad at the same time. I do not have any work experience. Yes, at the time as I’m writing this I have never worked anywhere under a contract ever. Does this mean I don’t know what working is? Certainly not. I do know how to work for what I want to achieve, you will learn about this more in the next section about sports. I will also then explain why I was never able to work. I’d like to work at a good place where I can improve my skills which I learn at school and ofcourse earn some money, after all I’m still a student. Let’s talk sports.


Sport has been my life during my teenager years and it still is. I started doing bmx racing when I was 6 years old, 11 years later I’m still competing at national races! Through out those eleven years I’ve become champion of the west side of the Netherlands 3 times. My goal was always to end up with the last 8 on the nationals. This took a long time of getting 9th or 10th but in the end on the first race after my wrist surgery I got second on the Dutch National Championships. This was in May, 2015. Now I took a step back from BMX racing since I have to put more focus in school. Currently, on the 16th of May, I’ve been going to the gym for around a year and four to five months. This is where a lot of my focus is now besides my school. Not every coder or developer wears glasses with sandals. This coder goes to the gym 3-6 times a week and competes in around 15 races a year.


Thanks for Reading this.