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School Projects

I'm a student, students do projects.

Personal Coding and Development

In my spare time I like to do little coding and development projects.


To not make myself a total 'nerd' I workout alot, find out what I do.

Who is the guy behind this?Basically who I am in a nutshell

Currently I'm 17 years old, I'm studying TI on Hogeschool Rotterdam and I love to workout. I've have done BMX racing for about eleven years now and I've had great success if I say so myself. More about my study itself and my sports can be found under 'Me as a Person' down below. Oh and here's a motivational quote to make this page even more hipster.

A dream is what helps you sleep, A goal is what helps you change your future. A dream stays a dream with no plan, but when you make a plan and change your dream into a goal it can be your future.

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Java Coding


GFX Editing


VFX Editing


Web Design

What I've doneScroll through my work down below

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Hooizolder 20 Oud-Beijerland, 3232 CS

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Phone: +31634276090
Email: shane.aptraxion@hotmail.com

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